AshokeRenu, an institution of the students of all the ages to give encouragement to the pupils was established in 1999. Late Sri Ashok Sengupta, whose unfathomable inspiration and support actually insisted the formation of this institution to give a hearty welcome to all those who love to sing and flow in the rhythm of freedom.

AshokeRenu is obviously a one of its kind and it is trying very honestly and sincerely to promote some very useful social activities together with making of several achievements in Tagore compositions.

Swagatalakshmi, apart from being a maestro in the Rabindra Sangeet has exhibited her versatility through her ardent engagement with her devoted students in producing the stage plays like the ‘Ramayana’ presented through a multitude of the Tagore songs to match well with the dramatic representation of the epic. Such extravaganzas are produced every year on 7th July as a tribute to Ashok Renu to commemorate the anniversary year.

Like lighting thousands candles through one, it is assumed the descendants of the Ashok Renu will open a door to the new sunlight. Therefore, AshokeRenu is a noble deed to make the followers who would shoulder the cultural responsibility to create something new and authentic.

Some of the praise-worthy productions of ‘AshokeRenu’ over the past few years are mentioned below.

Late Sri Ashok Sengupta

  • 2006 – ‘Ramayana’ – a dance drama composed by Swagatalakshmi, presented through 41 Tagore songs
  • 2004 – ‘Bismoye Taai Jaage Aamar Gaan’ – An audio visual performance describing the influence of Tagore and contemporary musicians on the composition of Swagatalakshmi
  • 2002 – ‘Ding-Dong’ – a dance drama for children composed by Swagatalakshmi