“Phurolo Phurolo Ebar Parikkhaar Ei Pala,
Paar hoyechhe ei Agnidahana Jala!”

As the sound goes on with the empowering note to kill the ambience with its spectacular presence, it says…

“Let the exam be over,
And I’ve crossed the
Scorching fire…”


While singing this song Swagatalakshmi finds a close resemblance to one specific characterization of the Ramayana: Sita had to stay in prison at Ravana’s den. So, when finally Sri Ramachandra brought Sita back home there was a rumor in Ayodha, Rama’s kingdom about the chastity of Sita. Therefore Rama, to satisfy His courteous, gave an iron order to Sita to prove Her chastity.

And this song as per Swagatalakshmi, as though relates to Sita’s melancholic urge to give the “Fire trial” (Agni Pariksha).

Swagatalakshmi gave a proper justice to those songs, keeping in mind the greatness of the epic. Through her deep weaving power, she jotted down all the40 selected songs and penned the dialogues that might come closer to this mythical melodrama and narrate the other different testimonial accounts of this famous epic.

At most forty songs had been taken and small dialogues inserted in the midst, carefully to keep the dramatic presence. At last a ‘Dance Drama’ came out.

A cassette had been launched in 2005, with voices of her disciples.

It is really a humble effort to create something new out of the familiar tunes. It evokes artistry in the lap of the great art by Rabindranath Tagore. A mythical mixture is set through Rabindric languages with lyrics and rhythm.